How to setup KBoardPro4 on Cubase

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How to setup KBoardPro4 on Cubase

Postby jharich » Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:55 pm

I am unable to get xyz control on the KBoardPro4 to work well on Cubase Artist 10. The best I can do is very slight Y and Z effects using HALion Sonic SE and a Violin or Cello for testing.

I have tried and tried and tried to study the KBoardPro4 documentation, but it assumes you already know how to do everything. It's reference documentation for experts, which I am not. I'm an amateur musician, not a technician with vast experience with DAWS and MIDI controllers. The terse, cryptic documentation does not explain dozens of terms. It does not tell how to setup a single DAW, such as the VERY popular Cubase. It offers no tutorial of any kind.

Worse yet, you cannot have the KBoardPro4 Editor connected to the KBoardPro4 at the same time Cubase is connected to the KBoardPro4. This makes it impossible to adjust anything using the Editor, unless you are patient enough to close Cubase, open the Editor, make a change, save it to slot one, close the editor, open Cubase, and then see what the result was. This is insanely awkward. But it would not be awkward at all if the KBoardPro4 documentation specifically stated how to setup the KBoardPro4 using the Editor to work on Cubase, DAWS in general, and specific popular controllers for examples. It would also help greatly if the KBoardPro4 Editor had a simple tone generator.

For an example of good documentation, see this page for setting up a Yamaha MODX on Cubase. ... daw-part-1 Why doesn't have something like this? Using this material, I had no trouble at all setting up my MODX8 to work with Cubase last year.

Is anyone willing to describe their setup on using the KBoardPro4 with Cubase or point me towards useful material? Otherwise I'm 100% stuck.

Otherwise the KBoardPro4 looks excellent. I'm so impressed by the thoughtful design and high quality of the physical product. If it's able to perform as promised, this is a true revolution in the evolution of keyboards and musical expression.


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Re: How to setup KBoardPro4 on Cubase

Postby TheOtherSupport@KMI » Fri Jun 28, 2019 7:37 am

Your question is more of a Cubase question. Making a section in the manual for setting up the KBP4 with every software out there isn't really a possibility.

Are you using a MPE compatible plugin? The process for getting MPE to work in Cubase is quite simple. Create an instrument track, and set it to receive on all channels. Then load a software instrument that is setup to listen to MPE. The KBP4 requires zero setup to work with MPE compatible software instruments.

Or are you not trying to use MPE, and you just want to use the KBP4 as a general MIDI controller but send data from the x/y/z axises? In that case you would follow the procedure for MIDI mapping in Cubase. There's more information in the Cubase manual: ... ual_en.pdf

Page 763, the section on the generic remote map may be helpful.
Worse yet, you cannot have the KBoardPro4 Editor connected to the KBoardPro4 at the same time Cubase is connected to the KBoardPro4.
As I told you via the support system, this is not something that we can solve without a custom driver (which goes against our general plug and play on any OS philosophy). Windows made the choice to limit the functionality of class compliant devices on their OS, not us.

If you want a more information, I'll need to know what you mean by "work well". What is the end goal here?

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