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Ableton rack chain selector moves, but...

Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2018 9:30 am
by rnb0
This would be for any Ableton users out there... I want to choose samples within a chain as a result of Initial Radius. The orange chain selector (in Ableton) moves in relation to my position. But often the audible sample plays as though the selector is still in the previous sample's position (ie. I hear the "last" played sample, usually just for one event and then it shifts correctly.) Is there something I don't understand about the order in which messages are processed in relation to the Note On? Or something...

(I'm trying to build a Tabla and be able to play at least 8 different samples among the four quadrants so if you have a better way, lemme know!)

Re: Ableton rack chain selector moves, but...

Posted: Fri Feb 09, 2018 10:20 am
by TheOtherSupport@KMI
If you hook up the BopPad to a MIDI monitor you can see that the initial radius is sent at the exact same time as the Note on message.How do you have the chain selector configured in Live? Are you using all 127 values to spread the chains? Have you tried using normal radius, as opposed to initial radius? Can you see the chain selector 'slide' at all? Or does it seem instantaneous? What OS are you using?

Re: Ableton rack chain selector moves, but...

Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 7:09 am
by rnb0
I have the chain selector configured to cc1 via a "Select Sample" macro rotary and using the CHAIN button (I THINK that's what you are asking...?) I'm using all 127 values in a linear (non) curve. I tried just Radius (rather than Initial Radius) and just got more (lots more) messages.

In either Radius or Initial Radius, the values are generally corresponding to position though there are erratic jumps over short distances. I tried to work with various sensitivities to see if it would those factors would make a difference but found that things became less predictable with any different setting I tried.

So I switched back to my original setup which was basically the Hands default with the default global settings. (This needs to be a hand drummed setup.) I turned the Note modline off for clarity when I just tracked via Midi-ox. (Know any better monitors than midi-ox?)

Instantaneously? The selector seems to jump but I sometimes see it jump forward and then back just a little in one event.

The OS is windows 10. Ableton is the current version of 9.

Re: Ableton rack chain selector moves, but...

Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:37 pm
by TheOtherSupport@KMI
I'll have to do some more testing on windows, to see if there's something going on with how Windows is processing the incoming radius values.

From my testing on Mac OS, if the chain selector moved to the area corresponding to a different sample, it played the appropriate sample.
The only way I could get it to NOT play the sample at the radius value reported in Live is if I VERY lightly pressed the playing surface. I was able to get the radius value to visibly 'slide'. But if I hit the playing surface with any amount of force the radius value and note message would come in at the same time, and trigger the appropriate sample.