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Ordered One

Postby 3dog » Sat May 02, 2020 11:38 am

I have been following this product for years and have read the manual, reviewed the software and watched all the videos I can find. Wanted to wait to see how the Kickstarted project worked. Lost track for awhile and now I see it is available. Got the Stimulus so I decided to stiulate the music industry once again. I have Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS).

Most videos are marketing type videos and the reviews are a bit amateur. The complaints I found was about a hanging note and MPE set up. I have the 12 Step and the QuNexis and found that KMI has quality products that are innovative. I am leaning keyboard on a CME air, which has 3 octaves and I can play it on my lap while sitting in a chair so that is my go to. Had to fabricate a support to hold the CME and my Ipad mini that fits on a small speaker stand and that is removable to sit on my lap. I find that I am more apt to play an instrumt when I can use it conveniently. Always have my clarinet and sax with carbon fiber reeds out in stands ready to go. Don't think I will be playing the K Board on my lap as it is much more bulky, heavier and requires wires. I already have a stand so that's the plan. Learning on the CME I am finding I need that 4th octave so I decided to order K-Board Pro 4 but it has not arrived. I gave up waiting for CME to come out with more keys. Not sure if I will use MPE for a while as I tried it on the Roli and I am not skilled enough yet. I also have a Roli block but that has limited octaves so that sits unused. Yes they have octave switching buttons. Have a lot of MPE apps and Equator so I am set with the software for now. The CME has limited key action so I am hoping that having no key action will not be an issue. It is strange that there are no posts in the forum and I am going to assume that everybody that has one has no issues???? (There are some posts under K Board and I am assuming this thread was set up after release) Hoping it will work with the PUC+ for bluetooth as the QuNexis and 12 step does for Bluetooth LE midi.

In the other K Board thread I think one of the complaints was that you can't change the parameters using the editor and hear the results in the windows software that you want to use. That will be the first thing I will try to see if it is the same on my Mac. Even if I can't I don't see that is is a big deal.

UPDATE 6/20/20 - To me this turned out to be more than I expected and it was well worth the money. I can effectively use some non-MPE sounds that are more expressive with the key x-axis of PRO-4. :D

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