Key Travel (Action)

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Key Travel (Action)

Postby 3dog » Sun May 10, 2020 12:01 pm

I am a novice at best and have been learning on a CME x-key which has velocity and after touch with very limited key travel. I am finding no issue with the lack of key travel on the Pro-4 and have both side by side to compare. Loving the added functionality of the PRO-4 key and the lack of travel is no problem. I was expecting more of an issue as I have a Roli Block and couldn't get use to the keys to get the sound I want from MPE. You have to adjust things in their editor whereas you can make adjustments using slider with the Pro-4. Finding subtle differences with each IOS app so adjustments are necessary when you switch apps and even sounds within apps. Will work with Mac sounds next but expect to find the same challenge when changing for sound to sound. I do have a fully weighted 88 keyed board and there is a noticeable difference if you are coming from such a device.

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