Glide, LFO

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Glide, LFO

Postby Scottfthompson » Sun Dec 20, 2015 7:42 am

There doesn't seem to be much CV pitch control yet that I know of anyway. I'm using qunexus as a base for a homemade analg keytar, with gemstones for keys and the entire thing looks like a spaceship of course :) Anyway, I know it's possible, but maybe not easy, but having a glide option would be great (aftertouch = glide time to the next note ect..) Or using the microcontroller, to produce a LFO for pitch modulation from aftertouch ect.. Also, I know others have asked, but being able to turn of the legato on pitch CV would be nice to free up the gate for something else. I could be triggering lights :)

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