Midi Expander Problem

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Midi Expander Problem

Postby john mor » Tue Apr 25, 2017 9:31 pm

Lately my midi expander had some issues,of being slow and sometimes not even working.
I use it with the softstep 2 going to an fractal audio axe fx ii.
Now it has stopped working completely.
While midi out led indicates it is sending midi signal,it actually doesn't.
I tried with different cables,and also tried sending midi to other devices,and all kinds of combinations (ss via usb -> pc -> axe fx via midi) to
conclude that the problem is definately in the midi expander.

So.Is there something i can do?A reset or something?
If i buy a new one,what are the chances that the same thing won't happen again?Is this a known problem?
I'm sorry,i will be honest here,I don't want 100+ euros to be wasted on something that should have been a built in feature in the first place.
I probably lost half of them allready.

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