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How to get keyworx to work with SoftStep

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How to get keyworx to work with SoftStep

Postby convergys2 » Tue Apr 08, 2014 12:05 pm

Here are the instructions to get KeyWorx to function with SoftStep. This is from support however I could not find it anywhere here.

KeyWorx has not yet been updated, but it can still work. In Standalone mode (of the Advanced Editor) there is a preset called "KeyCommands", this preset is setup to interface with KeyWorx, and it still works with the SoftStep 2 software/firmware. Just do the following:

1. Connect your SoftStep to the computer.
2. Open up the Advanced Editor and switch over to Standalone mode (click the pink, rectangular button that says "Hosted").
3. Open the setlist by clicking the "Setlist" button.
4. Place the "KeyCommands" preset in one of the slots — it doesn't matter which one, but the setlist is the order the presets will appear in when switching presets with left/right on the Nav Pad.
5. Click the "Send To SoftStep" button to send the setlist presets down to the connected SoftStep.
6. Close the Advanced Editor.
7. Use left/right on the Nav Pad until the you get to the KeyWorx preset (it should show up as "WORX" on the display).
8. Open up KeyWorx.
9. It will likely prompt you to update firmware — do not do this. Just click cancel.
10. KeyWorx should now be responding to the SoftStep.

The only thing that isn't going to work with this setup is the Nav Pad.

For an example on how to set up a Ctrl+C command, do the following:
1. Click the "function" drop-down menu on one of the keys and select "Keystroke".
2. In the window that pops up, click one of the drop-down menus and select "Foot On".
3. On that same line, click the black/grey box and type the letter "C" on the keyboard — the box should reflect this.
4. Now click the circle underneath "Ctrl".
5. Stepping on the key this was placed on will now output the Ctrl+C key command.

I hope this helps someone.

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